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This is the Medics4Medics Gratitude Jar, where we encourage reflection on the good things in life, no matter how big or how small. We believe that being grateful is closely associated with happiness and positivity, so whatever you’re thankful for, write it down!

M you are my absolute favourite and I will always be grateful that you exist in my life!

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M you are my absolute favourite and I will always be grateful that you exist in my life!

I'm grateful for my dog for always cheering me up without even knowing it

I'm grateful for warm hot chocolate on a rainy day :)

chocolate digestives make me smile

I am so grateful for having a supportive family to help me through all the challenges of remote schooling, my friends for keeping in contact, and all the lecturers and tutors at ucl who've gone the extra mile for us

thanks to Katie Baillie for being such an amazing student support advisor!

sun makes me smile

I am grateful for all the little differences people have. There is so much diversity in the way people look, how they speak, the way they conduct themselves. I think that makes life much more interesting and I'm grateful that everyone is unique in their own way :)

I am grateful for my family for being the best support network I could ask for in this crazy time

I'm grateful for a warm cup of tea when it's cold out!!

I am grateful for my ability to learn

I’m grateful for electric heaters!

I am grateful for my cats damo & daymo

I am grateful for my family and friends.

Medics4Medics - you give great advice, I have found it really helpful to know that there's always someone there

thanks to my friends for listening to me when I'm down

Fried chicken>>

I am grateful to my department for organising (online) social events and trying to do the most, despite COVID

I am grateful for fresh air and my support network and for the things in life that have made me the person I am today

Thanks to the m4m committee for working so hard this year despite all the challenges!

Going for a walk in Spring makes me happy

i am grateful for the RUMS community !

Thanks to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for finally doing Vegan doughnuts!!!

I'm grateful for the ability to cook tasty meals on my own!

i’m grateful for my friends for making me laugh and hyping me up consistently

Seeing my friend today after 7 months

am grateful for me mum, vegan protein powder and my mates

Grateful to be doing a course I love and to have found an amazing community within UCL ;))

I am grateful for the amazing friends I have <3

I am grateful for my family and faith.

I am grateful for my health, for my family and for my ability to smile through difficulty

my cat makes me smile

Thanks to Dr IE for being an amazing lecturer and tutor!

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