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Our fortnightly events are open to all. Every other Thursday we run activities or speaker-led talks, followed by informal discussions.

We run these sessions every other Thursday, 6-8pm, in the Cruciform.

Our fortnightly events are here to help you understand different aspects of mental health, be it for you or your peers. The events are designed to support you to develop and maintain good personal wellbeing within the pressures of medical school. 

We have informal discussions that provide a warm and judgment-free space for support and conversation, and to share experiences and feelings with people who understand.

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Past Events

22 Oct

M4M: Loneliness in Medical School

Our next event is focussing on Student experiences of loneliness in medical school. We will be creating a safe and inclusive space, having students share their experiences of loneliness and we will also host our special guest, Dr Farhana Mann who is a Psychiatrist at UCL. She will be discussing the impact of loneliness on our mental health and will also be answering your questions.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch! We hope to see you there :)
10 Sep

Meditation, Spirituality & Mental Health

Hi everyone!

Medics4Medics are proud to present our fascinating second digital event, which will be looking at the relationship between mindfulness and meditation, and mental health. In the first half of the session Research Assistant Marco Schlosser will be giving a talk on the variable experiences that individuals have with meditation, and what factors influence these. Following this there will be a guided mindfulness meditation session led by Niraj Mulji. Niraj has approached meditation from a more spiritual perspective and has been practising for 3-4 years alongside a career in Investment Management.

Please come along from 6-7:30pm on Thursday 10th September for what promises to be both a fascinating and really useful event. In light of everything going on in the world, taking a bit of time to practise mindfulness and refocus may be just what we all need! And as with all of our Medics4Medics events, it is completely free. Hope to see you there!

*Please feel free to drop in at any time & leave earlier if needed!*

Please check out our FB group (Medics4Medics) to find out more!

Link to the event:

28 Jul

Ethnic Minority Mental Health Experiences at Medical School

Hi All! Hope you are well! At 2pm on the 28th of July Medics4Medics is hosting a virtual panel (think Schwartz Round) where students from ethnic minority backgrounds will be sharing their experiences of Mental Health/ Mental Illness, while at Medical School and beyond. Our aim is to have a non-judgemental, confidential and safe space where our speakers, who are from a range of backgrounds, can talk openly. We hope this will be interesting and educational for people, helping to open up conversations on how people of different backgrounds will have different experiences of university (The slightly strange environment of Medical School too). This event is aimed mainly at Medical students in UCLMS but is open to all, so if you are interested please click going. Please keep an eye on the event for updates and the link to the session!
Much Love
Your Medics4Medics Committee

Please note: Because of the sensitive nature of the event if you attend please try and make sure that you can find a private place to watch from.

These are the ground rules for the event. Please have a read in advance and we look forward to seeing you all there :)

The link to the session will be posted tomorrow morning

We are incredibly grateful to our speakers who have agreed to share their experiences with us all today. Please:

Ensure that you are somewhere private in order maintain strict rules of confidentiality

No recording and do not share anything that is said in the event, outside of the event.

Make sure your microphone is muted while another speaker is speaking.

Turn on your video icon (if you are comfortable with that)! It would be great to see everyone’s faces and mimic the style of our usual events!

Be courteous to speakers and other attendees

All experiences are individual, and valuable. We can ask about their nature, but please respect that they are personal.
10 Mar
6pm – Cruciform B1.05

Eating Disorders

This Tuesday Medics4Medics will be hosting an event on eating disorders. Gil Myers, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, will be providing an overview of eating disorders, discussing common myths and providing advice on how to support those around you who may have eating disorders.
5 Dec 2019
6pm – Cruciform Group Study

Supporting Friends Through Difficult Times

Everyone goes through difficult times and sometimes what we need most is someone to be there for us. Even if they can’t solve our problems for us, a listening ear goes a long way. Join Medics4Medics as we discuss how we can support those around us in times of difficulty. Our speakers are child and adolescent psychiatry trainees Megan Fisher, Gabriella Landy and Raka Maitra, from the Tavistock training scheme. We will discuss both practical ways to support our friends, and how to remind ourselves to look after our own wellbeing. We can be left feeling helpless when it comes to supporting those we care about so we hope this will be a useful and informative discussion for all.
26 Nov 2019
6pm – Cruciform Group Study

Preventing Burnout

Medics4Medics are excited to announce next week’s talk on Preventing Burnout. Our speaker for the evening will be Dr Asta Medisauskaite. Dr Asta Medisauskaite is a Research Fellow at the Research Department of Medical Education, UCL Medical School. Asta is an organisational psychologist who obtained her PhD at Birkbeck, University of London. Her PhD was on understanding and improving the occupational health of UK medical doctors. As one of her studies, Asta tested an intervention for doctors which is now transformed into practical tools (app/board game; workingstress.co.uk). Currently Asta is working on a number of studies investigating doctors professionalism, attrition rates and leading a study on mental health of medical students

Previously this has been one of our most well received events so hope to see many of you there. Also free food and drink provided!

25 Jan 2019
11am – Rockefeller Meeting Room


Come and play with some bunnies and doggos, and enjoy some Krispy Kremes whilst you chill in our relaxation time.
24 Jan 2019
6pm – The Cruciform group study room

What I've Learned From Having Mental Illness at Medical School

A mix of medical students and foundation doctors will be talking about their mental health and wellbeing issues they faced at medical school and how it made them better doctors.
23 Jan 2019
7pm – Mullys Basement Bar

Green Sports Night

Come and enjoy a night of games with your favourite RUMS sports.
21 Jan 2019
7pm – The Cruciform, room LT1

Mental Health in the Health Profession

Talk by Professor Clare Gerada on Mental Health in doctors and medical students.
21 Jan 2019
11am – The Cruciform foyer

Welfare Stall

Meet the welfare reps and staff of UCLMS Student Support and UCL Student Psychological Services Ft. Planet Organic.
8 Mar 2018
6pm – The Cruciform group study area

Supporting Others

How to support friends going through difficult times.
22 Feb 2018
6pm – The Cruciform group study area


Join medics4medics as the beguiling Dr Oliver Starr discusses his experiences of burnout in medicine.
8 Feb 2018
6pm – The Cruciform group study area

Competitive Environments

Coping with being in a competitive environment.
25 Jan 2018
6pm – The Cruciform group study area

RUMS Welfare Week

RUMS students and junior doctors: Why talking about your mental health will make you a better doctor.
23 Jan 2018
6pm – Cruciform Building, Lecture Theatre 1

RUMS Welfare Week

Professor John Wyatt: Why talking about your mental health will make you a better doctor.