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Welcome Freshers!

7 Oct 2020 0 comments

Hellooooo incoming freshers! We are your Medics4Medics committee for 2020/21: Srishti, Niraj, Kabir and Lorcan (more info on our Insta page: @uclmedics4medics). We are delighted to welcome you to the medical school community and are sure that you have tons of questions! Questions like: Why am I reading this? Who are Medics4Medics? Do they think the 4 makes them really cool? We were set up in 2015 as a mental health peer support group, run FOR medical students BY medical students. We aim to promote conversations about mental health and wellbeing amongst doctors and medical students, and provide an inclusive safe space for students to share their own experiences of mental health and illness without judgement. Our fortnightly events cover various aspects of mental health, including topics that we feel are especially relevant like loneliness or the mental health experiences of people from BIPOC backgrounds. The peer navigator scheme we run also aims to help people who are struggling or know someone having a rough time. Our volunteer navigators are fellow students who are trained to signpost others to mental health services, particularly in the Bloomsbury / Camden area. For the full list of peer navigators please see our website (https://www.uclm4m.co.uk)

Medical school can and will be fantastic but it can also be overwhelming and at times frankly a bit sh**ty. However you are feeling please know that you don’t have to go through this alone. We are here just to listen, and can help you if you are looking for particular support, or just feeling a bit off. Hope you have an amazing year, you’ve got this class of 2026!!

The Medics4Medics committee on a video conference call.
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