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Meditation, Spirituality and Mental Health Summary

24 Sep 2020 0 comments

Thank you Medics4Medics for running the Meditation, Spirituality and Mental Health Event! The first half, by Marco Schlosser, was useful as it focused on research and I learnt about the methodology and drawbacks for meditation studies. I also learnt about the different forms of meditation and how they each have differing goals. The second half of the session was led by Niraj Mulji who first talked about his personal experience with meditation and then led a guided meditation session where we tried passive and active forms of meditation. I found it really interesting to see how different each type of meditation really was as I always assumed there was just one ‘right’ way of doing it which isn’t the case. I appreciated the informal setting as it allowed for discussion and people taking part shared their thoughts on each type we tried. I was surprised by how different types that didn’t work for me did work for others and visa versa. I definitely think I learned a lot from this event and have a deeper respect for meditation and how effective it can be. I understand myself better too, in the sense of what type of meditation works best for me personally.

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