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Ethnic Minority Mental Health Experiences at Medical School Summary

4 Sep 2020 3 comments

Talking about mental health is difficult, particularly in BAME communities. On the 28th of July, Medics4Medics provided a space for people to share their mental health experiences both from their perspective of being from an ethnic minority background and as a student at medical school, where discussions on mental health are imperative.

Volunteer medical students spoke about various important topics, such as how they went about seeking help for their mental health in an environment where therapy and related discussions are heavily stigmatised. Following the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, the impact of racial discrimination on mental health was also addressed, as well as how to best be a good ally; ensuring we support and look out for those around us who have been impacted by racism is a crucial part of activism, alongside spreading awareness. Imposter syndrome, which is more prevalent in medical school than one would think, was also discussed; to hear first-hand how these issues have been dealt with is of great use for the many who are in similar positions, and provides a reassurance that we are not alone in the problems we face.

In a time when hardship is abundant and access to support is limited, it was a privilege and comfort to be able to hear about and learn from the experiences of others and be part of such an important discussion.

Medics4Medics stayed true to their name in providing support for medics from medics, once again.

on stigma

untying these
historical knots
culture and stigma
to weave in
the new stories of our
nimble generation
simply makes
the tapestry more

- Tanya Sharma

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anonymous • 24 Sep 2020

An important discussion and such beautiful words!

anonymous • 24 Sep 2020

a good discussion on important topics and I like the poem!

anonymous • 24 Sep 2020

Beautiful poem!