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Our blog aims to extend Medics4Medics into a digital platform. Here students can anonymously and openly share experiences that have shaped their mental health at medical school, and reflect on any support services accessed. We also post summaries of past Medics4Medics and other wellbeing events. If you'd like to write for us, email us at

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Ethnic Minority Mental Health Experiences at Medical School Summary ›

By Tanya Sharma, Third Year Medical Student • 4 Sep 2020

Talking about mental health is difficult, particularly in BAME communities. On the 28th of July, Medics4Medics provided a space for people to share their mental health experiences both from their perspective of being from an ethnic and as…

Medical School Student Support: A Guide Based on the Experiences of Three Students ›

By Srishti Agarwal, Director; Davina Puri, Fourth Year Peer Navigator; and edited by Xara Zahibi Dutton • 17 Jul 2020

Medical students have two main options in seeking student support. These are UCL psychological support services​ and ​medical student support​. You may know about these options in theory, but wonder about the reality of seeking We to…

How to Talk to a Loved One About an Eating Disorder ›

By Sum Ping, Fourth Year Peer Navigator • 17 Jul 2020

Over 1.6 million people in the UK are estimated to be suffering from an eating disorder. Chances are, there is someone close to you who has one. Whilst you can’t force someone with an eating disorder to change their habits…

Supporting Friends through Difficult Times Summary: 05.12.2019 ›

By Lorcan Jeffreys, Second Year Peer Navigator • 5 Dec 2019

University is a hectic and often highly stressful place; everyone goes through difficult times, and seeing a friend who is struggling can be hard. This session helped me to reflect on how I have been as a friend when others…

Burnout Summary: 26.11.2019 ›

By Zahra Sayeed, Second Year Peer Navigator • 26 Nov 2019

On 26th November, Dr Asta Medisauskaite, a Research Fellow at UCL and an organisational psychologist, came to speak to us about burnout in doctors. She gave a very informative talk with shocking statistics about the prevalence of burnout…

Perfectionism in Medical Students Summary: 14.11.2019 ›

By Srishti Agarwal, Second Year Peer Navigator • 14 Nov 2019

This year, Medics4Medics started off the term with a discussion-based session on ‘Perfectionism’, led by Ahmed, a 5th year peer navigator. Perfectionism is complicated and multidimensional; researchers have categorized perfectionism…

Medics4Medics Has a Blog! Come as You Are. ›

By Davina Puri, Assistant Director • 14 Nov 2019

Greetings. If you haven’t seen our Facebook post, Medics4Medics (M4M) has decided to create a blog. This post is an extension of that Facebook post, and focuses on thoughts around sharing experiences. Skip to the end for the tl;dr.…