Starting conversations about wellbeing and mental health

We are medics4medics

  • We are UCL medical students, committed to creating a peer based mental health support community.
  • We run fortnightly events on a range of topics about wellbeing and mental health.
  • We open discussions around wellbeing and mental health in doctors and medical students.
  • We listen, understand and help you navigate the support services available.

Our latest event

5 Dec 2019
6pm – Cruciform Group Study

Supporting Friends Through Difficult Times

Everyone goes through difficult times and sometimes what we need most is someone to be there for us. Even if they…

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Myth Buster

“Mental health conditions are rare in medical students.”

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The GMC says:
This is not the case. In fact, research shows that medical students may have higher instances of mental health conditions compared to those in similar areas of study.

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